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Meet the Team
– Sheila Waldman
     President of Relationships Sheila Waldman

Committed to Service...
Caring for and working with customers has always been an important part of my career. From my first job while in college working as a retail store manager, to building and running customer service contact centers to serving thousands of customers across the country as the Vice President of Account Management for a Fortune 130 Healthcare company, I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion of leading teams and caring for customers.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, I learned to appreciate the importance of keeping it simple and doing the right thing by those you come in contact with every minute of every day. The pride my parents took in the work they did and how they did it is something I have taken with me through my life.

Getting into the Book Business...
In 2001, while traveling on business, I encountered the most amazing man who shared a similar passion as I to the work he did....we had a bit more than that in common too! Thirteen months later that man, Brett Waldman, and I walked down the aisle at the St. Paul Conservatory in a ceremony officiated by one of Brett’s authors, Pastor Dick Jorgensen, and we started our life together.

From 2002 to 2008 I continued my career in the healthcare industry, loving every aspect of the work I was doing and the people I served. During the summer of 2008 Brett and I decided it was time to pursue our dream of working (a.k.a. playing) together. It was the right time to take our company to new heights together. Earlier that year Brett had also surprised me with a new puppy, Bugatti, who was going to the office every day with Brett. I continue to wonder if Brett knew I would not last long in corporate America knowing that he and Bugatti had all the fun of going to TRISTAN together while I headed off to the airport alone on a regular basis!

Now that I have officially joined the team, I continue to pinch myself daily when I realize this fairy tale is real. Waking up knowing that we can touch literally millions of lives with the books we publish is a most amazing gift that we have been given.

Passions in Life...
We love the Lord, we love each other and we love the business He has given us. It’s a joy and privilege to do what we do each day. We do understand the importance playing a little bit too so when you can’t find us at the office, we’ll most likely be on a sailboat or spending time with the dear friends and family that God has placed in our lives.

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